Smart Glass
Switchable Privacy Glass Made of Premium PDLC Film

Why SmartPro Switchable Privacy Glass?

SmartPro Glass brings privacy on demand for modern spaces


Privacy on Demand

Less than a second from transparent to opaque

Ultra Clarity

More than 85% parallel light transmittance with Japan made raw materials

Smart Home

Easily connect SmartPro products to your smart home panel
Energy Saving

Energy Efficient

Save on heating & cooling costs, up to 30% bills reduction

Multi Functional

Turn your SmartPro Glass to multi touch projection screen

New Technology

Smart glass offers new technology in your space

Easy to install

Easily attach smart film on pre-installed glass

Long Life

More than 80,000 hours of working

Low Consumption

Less than 5 Watt per square meter

Optimal Design

No need to dry walls and curtains

What is Smart Privacy Glass?

SmartPro glass offers high-quality smart switchable glass and smart films. Smart glass is a type of controllable glass, which the transparency of the glass is in our hands! With the flick of a switch, the glass becomes transparent from opaque and vice versa. This unique feature allows designers to incorporate new technologies in their design while moving toward minimal design.
One of the main applications of smart films is installing on frameless office partitions. In this case, there is no need for curtains or frosted films without any flexibility in tint adjustment! So, with self-adhesive smart films, offices have more space and light, as sunlight can go through all the glass partitions all over the office.
Today, many en-suites come with see-through glass installation designs. While this design is eye-catching, it may be not applicable without providing a suitable solution to maintain privacy.  So, another application is inside en-suites to bring privacy on demand in modern bathrooms. (1)
self adhesive smart film

Self-adhesive PDLC Smart Film

A great solution for smart offices
laminated smart glass

Smart Laminate Glass

Ideal product for all occasions
DGU smart glass

DGU Smart Glass

Unique solution to bring privacy on facades

How Switchable PDLC Film works?

Smart Switchable Glass is the name of glasses in which the PDLC film is incorporated into the glass. This film can be attached to already installed glass or being laminated to create laminated smart glass.
Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal  (PDLC) consists of micron-sized droplets of liquid crystal dispersed in an optically isotropic polymer matrix. This smart film can be electrically switched from a light-scattering or opaque “off state” to a non-scattering or transparent “on state”. In the “off state”, the Smart film/Privacy film appears milky white due to the refractive index mismatch encountered by incoming light at the liquid crystal/polymer interface.

Applications of SmartPro Glass

Great solution for various applications

2 Years Warranty

SmartPro offers a limited 2 years warranty for its products

Professional Installation

Our professional installation team will handle the projects in the best way

Quick Lead Time

Quick delivery with 10 working days average lead time for most projects

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